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What is a Church Communicator?

“Oh, so you answer the phones at your church...”

Yup. That’s what someone thought I did as a church communications director. The “me” ten years ago would have lectured the guy immediately, but the more mature me just smiled, and our church’s lead pastor explained the importance of my role.

Church communication directors are relatively new in the church world so it’s understandable that a small church elder wouldn’t be familiar with my role. However, it’s becoming a role that every church needs to have regardless of the budget.

A church communicator is a chef turning raw ingredients into something digestible and good.

The best illustration of my role as a church communicator is that of a chef. Ministry leaders heap all these raw ingredients on me, and I take the information (aka ingredients) and create an editable soufflé. On their own, the raw ingredients aren’t edible. No one snacks on flour or baking soda. But the information is more digestible when it’s made into a soufflé. While our ministry leaders could all make their own social media posts, the posts would be so jumbled and messy that the reader would just ignore it all. It’s not one voice. It’s lots of them. Lots of noise. I create that one voice.

Church communicators are passionate about simplifying one's journey to accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

We want to remove any barriers that may exist. That's why as a church communicator, I create communication strategies to ensure all communications uphold the church’s beliefs and mission/vision.

In case you are wondering what tasks I do, here are just a few of the things I do as the communications director at our church:

  • Online Presence

  • website

  • social media

  • Google My Business

  • app

  • online advertisements

  • Graphic Design

  • sermon series graphics

  • t-shirts

  • posters

  • banners

  • signage

  • billboards

  • Print Publications

  • weekend bulletin

  • newsletter

  • informational pieces

  • Christmas/Easter invite cards

  • Community Relations

  • Radio

  • Television

  • Fundraisers

And the list can go on . . .

Church communicators have the unique ability to look at the overall big picture.

We have a good understand of the church’s mission and vision and ask if "XYZ" event ties into the overall mission. Therefore, it’s essential we gain the trust of the leadership team, and especially the lead pastor, so we can respectfully ask the “why” behind what we do. Emphasis on RESPECTFULLY. It helps to have an environment where we can ask questions and not be shot down immediately.

While your church may be light years away from having a full time church communications director, consider how you can take steps in that direction. I encourage you to reach out to a veteran church communications director, like myself, to do a quick, free assessment as to where you need to target your energies. I meet monthly would a group of church communicators, and I know any of them would LOVE to help your church improve its communications strategy. Like I said, we are passionate people. :)

It doesn't take a big budget to begin improving your church communications because many of the strategies we employ are totally free.

If your church would like a brief, free assessment, contact me at I’m happy to help your church begin its communications journey reaching those who don’t know Jesus.

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