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Less Chaos. Less Noise.

Less chaos. Less Noise. by Kem Meyer

"I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some."

- Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:22b -

I recently finished reading Kem Meyer's most recent book, Less Chaos. Less Noise., and once again, she didn't disappoint! In my humble opinion, Kem is THE EXPERT when it comes to church communications.

Now I don't have a communications background so I did lots of research when I first became in charge of the communications at my church. There wasn't a lot out there at the time because church communications wasn't as"hot" as it is now. However, it was Kem's first book, Less Clutter. Less Noise., that helped shape my philosophy for how we do communications at our church. I, also, went to her one-day workshop at Granger Community Church in Mishawaka, IN and even had her sign my copy of her first book. Ha!

Less Chaos. Less Noise. is an updated version of the original in which there is still a lot that has changed because the universe of communications is constantly changing. There are new social media accounts popping up all over the place, and website rules are constantly changing. Do this . . . no, wait . . . do that instead . . .

Here are just a few (and I mean, a few) of the MANY topics she tackles in her book:

  • Does this graphic have the potential to attract or repel?

  • Why would someone want to spend their time in your church instead of on the couch or at the mall?

  • Do you know your audience?

  • What is your ministry's purpose?

  • What expectations are you setting that are unrealistic?

  • Are you trying to introduce too much change at a once?

  • . . . and much, much more!!!

The greatest statement Kem made in her latest book that really grabbed my attention was this:

"If your customer service is average or bad, your church is replaceable."

Ouch . . . but so true! Too many times we think about the needs of the church/ministry (i.e. volunteer recruitment, getting out event information, etc.) instead of the needs of those who are seeking to know and follow Jesus.

I definitely recommend this resource to anyone working in church communications. It's perfect for the newbie just starting out and for the seasoned pro who needs to be reminded to not be complacent and to constantly keep things fresh.

Find out more about Kem Meyer!

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