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Church Communication Collaboration

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller -

Nearly four years ago, I received a phone call that ended up connecting local churches in a way I would have never dreamed possible.

The new communications director at another church nearby called to ask me about our church's website. What started as a simple question turned into a delightful discussion regarding church communications. So Andrea and I began meeting once a month at Starbucks to discuss current projects, give each other advice, and challenge one another to give up things we probably wouldn't have done on our own.

After meeting for a year and a half together, we decided to invite other church communicators to join us so they could be blessed as well. Nearly all of the congregations we contacted accepted, and our official church communications group began!

Fast forward to today, and our church communications group has been meeting for over two years. Talk about a blessing! We share resources (this is HUGE), discuss graphic trends and social media, critique each other's work, email ideas to the group, and much more. We even spent our most recent meeting discussing how to best serve those who are stopping at our churches to play Pokémon Go! Hilarious, yet relevant . . . at least this week. :)

However, the most important element of our church communications group is the unconditional support, encouragement, and prayers.

We all come from different denominations and are the only person doing church communications at each of our churches. So to have a group of people who completely understand the daily challenges you face is priceless. Church communicators are pretty strong people so we won't let you see us with our guard down, but this group is the one place where we can be vulnerable. And since we all work at different churches, we know that whatever we share will be kept confidential.

I thank God for the amazing people in this group! It's exciting to see churches coming together with the same goal of reaching those who don't know the love of Jesus . . . yet.

Do you have a group of like-minded individuals? If not, consider connecting with others just like you. They could be priceless!

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